5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


How do you Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Can you believe it – the clock is quickly ticking down to the end 2016 and to start 2017?  How was 2016 for you? Are you ready for 2017? Ready or not here it comes!!!! This blog post is about How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions and how to achieve them.

Losing weight and exercising more are the most common New Years Resolution, followed by quitting smoking and quitting drinking. About 8% of people who resolved to lose weight and exercise more actually do it. Most quit and the gyms become idle by February. Smokers and drinks that actually quit is about 10%. Most start back by June.new years resolutions

  1. Make Goals – Look at your life. Is there anything you would like to change or improve on? Ask yourself what can I improve upon? How can I change?

  2. Nitty Gritty on the Details? Get specific about your resolutions. How will you accomplish them? For example, you want to lose 10 pounds by June. Write down “I want to lose 10 pounds by June 1, 2017, I will accomplish this by exercising one hour per time, three times per week”. If you have more than one resolution categorize them by categories: Financial, Career, Relationships, and Fitness. Put your resolutions in writing and how you plan to achieve them.

  3. Look into the future. No not into a glass ball. By looking into the future you develop a personal attachment to your goal. This is all about your imagination (make this fun). Visualize completing your goal of losing 10 pounds. How does it feel to weigh less? How do you feel? This is your future – Be Excited!

  4. Measure Progress: Do not set yourself up that you will lose the ten pounds in one month. This is a process track your progress. Reward yourself with small things you like. If you haven’t made progress it’s alright. Just do not give up!

  5. Share Goals with friends and/or family. Sometimes all you need is some encouragement from your Peeps or Family to help you to press on.

Pam’s 2017 Resolutions

  1. Unplug and less Social Media.

  2. Read 15 minutes per day. After my traumatic brain injury – reading has been difficult for me. I can’t just sit down like I used to and read all day. I am going to try breaking it into manageable chunks of 15 minutes a day.  My goal would be 30 minutes.

  3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness.

  4. Write more thank you cards.

  5. Get back down to my weight I was in August 2016 by September 5, 2017. I will do this by making better food choices and exercising every day Monday-Friday.

  6. Learn something new – I want to learn to do stand up paddle boarding.

  7. Quit being around negative people.

    My resolutions have been written down and now shared with friends.  Consequently, during the year I will keep you updated on my progress. I would love to hear how you are doing on your resolutions.

Now clear your minds of CAN’T. Devote 2017 to loving yourself! I plan to do that. Let’s do it together.

Here is to a great 2017!

Love you all and Happy New Years!


Update:  Last blog I reported it was hard for me to decorate as I had red storage containers, that I couldn’t see through.  After Christmas,  I purchase four clear storage containers.  I love them and can tell instantly what is in them.  Putting my decorations away was much easier.  Hopefully next year I won’t get stressed.

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