What Is Your Favorite Christmas Present Ever?

Christmas Gifts


What is your favorite Christmas present ever? 

When we are young we want whatever is popular. Subsequently, when we are grown do we remember the slinky, Suzy homemaker doll, GI Joe Adventure Team or the Barbie we received?

favorite christmas presentAdult:

What about when we become adults? I remember the Christmas of 1996. My dad had passed away in September of that year. I was struggling to get in the spirit (my dad loved Christmas). I had to remember Kayla who was seven at the time had taken her Papa’s death hard too. Randy was driving long haul truck across the country, that added to my loneliness.

On Christmas Day we opened all the gifts under the tree. Randy said there was still one in the tree that needed to be opened. Kayla and I looked at him with wonder and excitement. He retrieved the gift and it was for me. I hadn’t seen this package in the tree and I hadn’t seen him put it in the tree. Nothing gets past me as I am the queen of snooping!!

It was a small box – My hands were trembling as I opened it. Inside was a beautiful black hills gold wishbone necklace. Randy explained in this small truck stop in Wyoming an elderly man was set up making jewelry. He bought me a necklace.

Next time Randy stopped by the truck stop the cashier asked him if he was the one that had bought the necklace. He answered yes. She told him he got the last necklace the man ever made as he passed away shortly after. Randy was telling me the story and I was bawling like a baby. To this day that is a very precious gift to me.


For me, I don’t like to tell people what I want for a gift. I would rather they get me something from the heart.

Last Christmas, Kayla gave experiences. Riley got a certificate to go skydiving after he turned 18. He went before graduation and Kayla went with him. It was an adventure that they shared and he will never forget.

She gave me a certificate to go to Seattle. It is a special city for her and I. I didn’t get to go to Seattle because she won a trip at work. She chose a trip to Disneyland and she took ME! It was a wonderful trip where we made many special memories.

Maybe it is a near death experience for me in 2013, but I do not want anything for Christmas. I have everything I could ever want. When Randy, Kayla, MaKayla or Riley ask me what I want. . . all I want is to spend time with them. That is the most precious gift of all.

My wish for each and everyone is you get everything you want for Christmas.

If anyone out there would feel better if  they bought me a gift here is what I really would love:

  • Black 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Christmas is a time for nostalgia, it is also a time for making new memories. Enjoy the fellowship of new friends, and cherish the company of family in this season of loving and sharing.

Merry Christmas!


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