Welcome to Mindless Wanderings . . . .                                                    

Hi, I’m Pam, the face behind Mindless Wanderings.

randy n pam
           Randy and Pam

This site is a destination for anyone who has a Traumatic Brain Injury.  It is also for caretakers or if you know someone who suffers from a TBI.  Included will be how I’ve made it this far by using humor, positive thoughts, and daily affirmations.


I also share tips on everyday challenges that we all face.  These might include lifestyle to remain positive and living a fulfilling life.


Randy is the wonderful guy I am married to. We have two grown children and a beautiful daughter-in-law.


                                                   My Family

Some passions I have is spending time with my family, traveling and drinking way too much coffee.


I live by the motto LIVE every moment, LAUGH everyday, LOVE beyond words.


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I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog.  Hope you return soon!  If you have any questions, you can email me at IdahoPam62@gmail.com.